Pelin Bayçelebi Demir was born on September 10, 1976 in Trabzon, Turkey. She received her associate, bachelor and post graduate degrees in different majors of Business Administration in Ankara. In 2013; she started her art journey by taking various trainings from very valuable masters in the field of sculpting and painting.

Driven by the urge of expressing feelings from the perspective of a child and an adult in a timeless and genderless manner; feelings those make us human, either blend with or set us apart from the crowds; she is inspired by the poetical relationship of every visible and invisible pieces of the universe and the imperceptible tremendous balance of nature.

Pelin has been working in her own studio in Ankara since 2017 and is getting training from valuable masters whenever possible.

“The art of living is a journey where the person experiences her own boundaries consciously, and discovers what she is capable of doing by taking herself sometimes beside and sometimes against to her very own well-being. In this journey, personally, I take the advantage of going beyond my physical boundaries either by a brush or some mud and reconstruct myself in any form anytime. There is nothing like greeting the outcome of my soul under my fingertips and witnessing it’s correlation with my bloods’ fluxing flow rate. I have no interest in telling the truth, reaching a conclusion or giving a lesson. I just follow my urge”